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SimCraft - A Global Minecraft Event

Why did the sky darken a few days ago ? What happened to almost completely devastate our Minecraft World ?

Latest news :

Asteroid Impact on Minecraft World Scientists claim BIG findings ....... New SIMCRAFT world to be built

Here at Simcraft Incorporated we've been looking into the strange goings on over the past few days. We can now report that a huge asteroid from an unknown sector of the universe has impacted the Minecraft world, scattering almost unlimited new minerals throughout the planet !

Whilst this event has left the world without any signs of civilization on the surface, all is not lost. We need YOUR help to rebuild an all new SIMCRAFT World even better than it was before. Our Simcraft Inc. scientists will help as much as they can by providing updated information on all the new stones and minerals they have been able to research so far. They have also found that combining many of the new items will make even more useful tools, machines and building materials than you ever thought possible. Research on new modes of transport are already underway, please check for the latest research notes on all new findings. You can find a link to these notes at the bottom of all pages on this site, so visit regularly to keep yourself up-to-date.

Do you think you're up to helping rebuild a new SimCraft World - Please Visit our Download Page to begin participation now !

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